Why is the word ‘slut’ so powerful?

The word slut is something that may embarrass some while it empowers others. It is a word that has been taken to mean promiscuous. It is the word that has been known for a woman that does things that are unladylike. In an era where women want their own ability to define who they are there is a lot of debate about the word slut.

Slut Shaming

It is rare in this day and age that the word slut is actually used. It has become a word that has caused fiery debates because it is associated with the concept of slut-shaming. This is a concept where people make an attempt to bash a woman that may be expressing themselves in a sexual manner. Women that have been known to be promiscuous may be also classified as sluts, and they may get bashed by those that think that this is unladylike behavior.

The Power of Slut

The word has gained a lot of power because it is not heard frequently. It almost has the same shock affect that profanity would have. The reason for this is simple. More people have started to see this word as something that was negative in the past so it was reserved. It was not something that was regularly used on any one that was participating in risky activities. As time went on the entertainment industry would bring more women to the forefront that had something of a Madonna like sex appeal. These were women that were talking about sex openly and they were very expressive about how they felt about their sexuality.

As time would go on social media empires like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram would prove to be a platform for even more women to be expressive in their sexual desires. Women that were not necessarily interested in the slut label would still have a desire to post sexy pics and gain followers through social media platforms.

The Great Debate

As time went on there would be debates about who was doing something that was considered slutty versus those that were simply doing something that fell within the boundaries of freedom of expression. When the word slut is heard now there are often two sides to the coin.

There are those women that are debating on whether women are taking things too far. There are other women that are fighting for their ability to express themselves. In order to do this some of these women have even taken on the word slut and embraced it in an attempt to try to give it a different meaning. Some women have gone as far as calling themselves sluts in order to up the ante when it comes to the debate on whether it is a good or bad word to use.

Changing Times

As more people wrestle with the word slut it becomes something that has become powerful yet water down by so many women that are attempting to change the meaning. when people truly look at the word they know that they are looking at something that is out of the ordinary. They realize that this is not a common word that is being heard everyday. What women that are in the entertainment industry are attempting to do is utilize it more frequently to lessen the sting that comes with hearing the word slut.

Women that have felt disgraced by the words like slut
are now trying to rework this word so that they will feel more empowered by this phrase. It is something that stays on the minds of those that are in the industry. People that are aspiring to be in the industry are also interested in knowing what type of effect the word will have on their careers.

No Turning Back

Even though some entertainers are utilizing the word slut and attempting to disarm the reactions surrounding the word. There are still some repercussions for calling yourself a slut. Women must know that even in this day and age of the acceptance of so many different sexual lifestyles and behaviors that the word slut is still one that holds power. Once you brand yourself as a slut there is no going back. Once the media labels a woman as a slut there is no turning back from this.

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What is Slutwalk All About

What is Slutwalk All About

We’ve seen it on tv, on web news and pictures, but we may not have known that it had a name until today.

Slutwalk is a march on the street calling out for a change in attitude towards women. When it started, it was a counter response against a general social attitude that women by the clothes they wear have brought sexual abuse on themselves.

Today, the message for Slutwalks around the world has evolved to include respect for women’s behavior and identity in general, a move to influence law enforcers, law makers and legal proceedings.

The first time this social movement started was on April 3, 2011, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A Toronto Police officer made a public statement three months back in response to a local concern on occurrences of campus rape at York University. He publicly opined that women should not be dressing like “sluts” to avoid being victims of sexual abuse.

When the police officer’s statement made it to the press, it had a counter reaction. Though he later apologized, his words have made a social reflection, leading to a question on the value of the word “slut”, not just about its negative social stigma but also where the real blame should be and what needs to be done.

Two co-founders of the slutwalk movement, Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis decided they were going to redefine the word “slut” as a woman who is in control of her own sexuality. It was a move to reclaim the word to empower women.

And so, the first public women demonstration began with this specific message. It was a planned day of speeches and a walk to the Toronto Police Headquarters. Where 200 were expected for the march, 3,000 gathered at Queen’s Park to participate. They called each other fellow sluts with invitations to singles, couples, parents, siblings and children. Some came on their jeans and T-shirts, while others wore skimpier clothes.

And, that began the characteristic look of the movement that eventually sprang up in cities around Canada, the United States around the world.

When you participate in any of these Slutwalks, there’s a variety of things happening around you beyond listening to speeches, chanting, holding up signs and walking to an agreed destination at any given time. There may be live DJs making music, there’s sign making, there’s educational booths, there’s photo ops and selfies, free breast cancer exams and even HIV testing.

Since Toronto 2011, there’s been events in New York, New Brunswick, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Melbourne, Geneva, Lausanne, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Bhopal, New Delhi, Singapore and even in Jerusalem.

Slutwalks are now often supported. Pop stars like Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna have not just participated in them but even organized one. Major companies such as Subway, T-Mobile and beats by Dre have sponsored them.

Not all were agreeable to everything the movement stands for.

Black feminists in the United States have accused Slutwalk of excluding colored women. Organizers of slutwalk are often white women, making it a challenge for colored women to take on that same message in the same way.

Black feminists feel that the word “slut” has a different meaning for colored women. They see the term as an emphasis of generations of sexual racial prejudice against them. It’s just that much more difficult for a black woman to “own” the word “slut”.

Black feminists feel they have to make Slutwalk their own, speaking from their own people. Amber Rose made that happen when she hosted her own slutwalk with other colored women.

Others see clothing as part of managing their risks in life. What you wear does have an impact in how likely you get into sexual abuse incidents without you intending it. This is something the slutwalk movement is questioning. It’s ultimately about educating and enforcing respect and safety between genders and people of different classes.

Slutwalk is a movement by women against rape culture, victim-blaming and slut-shaming, a message to everyone for the safety and future of its women.

When you do get to participate in one, ultimately, it’s about being able to live life without fear.